Friday, September 9, 2011

Justice for Gary Rumain!

A number of my friends and I have tried, for about a year now, to get Google to stop allowing an extremely nasty bigot to impersonate the real Gary Rumain. This blog - - has been operating since May of 2010, despite countless abuse reports, complete with photo ID, to the effect that Gary Rumain is being deliberately impersonated. How do we know it's deliberate? Simple: because of the associates the bigot has.

Starting several years ago, Gary Rumain's wife made it her business to kick the asses of online bigots. Yeah, a fairly monotonous exercise; they're not just bullies, they're ineducable (kind of a prerequisite for bullies), and drunk with the power of anonymity. Even if you can get one to slink away in shame over his utter brainlessness, another one always slithers in to take his place. But when you hate (among others) Jews, women and anyone who tells you what a dickhead you are, Gary's wife is your worst nightmare! She actually picked up some stalkers, death threats (which the FBI took more than a passing interest in), the works. But she's a stubborn cuss, and the slimebags decided to step it up: they went after her husband (They only knew who he was by the fact that the two of them used to share an account; her earliest posts are under his name, but she signed every one of them).

While half of the losers had tried, off and on, to impersonate her for spewing their crap, one bigot never went that route. Maybe he saw how easily the others got shut down over it? Maybe he was so homophobic that he didn't want anyone to think he was a girl? Whatever - the fact is that this one started, while online, to stop using his usual nym "The Yaako Warrior", and start using Gary's name (Google "The Yaako Warrior" to see why this was more-than-ordinarily unacceptable; guy's a real shithead).

Normally, a line to the effect of "Hey, you know this guy isn't Gary Rumain and I am" did the trick. (For any of you reading this who want to suggest that my friend can't be the only Gary Rumain in the world, I challenge you to find another one. Go ahead; I'll wait.). But then,either that asshole - or, more likely, another one just like him - found Google Blogs. Which seems to be one of those wonderful organizations that don't care what happens, as long as they get their money. Which makes it lucky for them that Gary doesn't have the money to sue their asses. I keep telling him that the lawyers can get paid from the damages, but he's just more cautious than I am. That, and we all know the bastard in question is from another country - either Australia or England. And how do we know this? Again - the accomplices.

There were two slimebags in particular that absolutely "adored" Gary's wife (the ones who did the most (and most stupid) forgeries of her). Online, they are known as "Ben Kramer" (from Australia) and "The Phony Rev" (from London). The latter started posting under the name "Reverend Terence Fformby Smith", which got him the name everyone else calls him ("Phony Rev" or "Rev Pedo" for his championing the cause of pedophilia). He's gone by other names, too - Gordon Radovich, Eli Grubman, Miriam Lauhson. And he's the one who gave his buddy away - what a pair of morons!

When Gary's wife discovered the impersonation, she naturally laid into the bastard - using her Twitter account, which doesn't have her name on it. INSTANTANEOUSLY, she was not just blocked by the dickless coward (the same way others of us were when we went to take up the slack), she picked up a new follower on Twitter: "Reverend Terence Fformby Smith." How dumb can you get? There's only two explanations: either the dumbshit gave his buddy away, or, it's really just one bigot using a lot of the same names. Either way, none too bright.

Ok, so why are we worried about what a raving lunatic is spewing on the internet? Because he's spreading some of the nastiest - and sadly, the more usual - sort of anti-Muslim hatred and lies, all under the pretense of being "anti-terrorist". Just the sort of comments that get backlash - sometimes from terrorists. That's right, the supposed "brave anti-terrorist" is using the name of a Jewish man to hide behind, so if there's any fallout from his filth, an innocent guy will get it all. And, what's worse (and, admittedly, the only thing that really bugs Gary, as opposed to his more ornery wife and friends), a relative that he lost contact with went looking for him on the internet - and bumped into all the sewage (not least of which was that blog). So, she didn't contact him until someone else contacted her - a few YEARS were lost in the meantime!

Google really owes Gary, but this blog is all I can do about it.


  1. Amazing! The hubby(TM) starts a blog and doesn;t even tell me! Most of what he says is true, tho'. I had a terrible time w/the bgots on the newsgroups & in the end I gave up & quit. As I kept saying, the trouble w/bgots is that when they;re not sitting on the source of their 'facts', they get them from each other. Anyway, the hubby(TM) did get one thing wrong - my race. I;m Irish, not jewish. I did actually convert, but that doesn;t make me a real jew. So our two wonderful children, Puppy Boy and Wombat Girl are only half-jewish. I;m glad we had them both circumcised, tho'. W/a bit of luck they;ll go thru life thinking they;re jews and nobody will be any the wiser! Keep up the good work, hubby (TM)!
    Suzy Rumain (née KKKohen)

    1. Hey - funny how the blog is down, now! LUZER!

  2. Thanks for coming out of hiding, as well as admitting what a sad little obsessed loser you are. Oh, yeah - learn to read, asshole: Neither the real Gary Rumain nor the real Susan Cohen started this or any other blog.

  3. Shabbat shalom KKKohen, you th*ck Ir*sh cunt! Oh, yeah? How come the b'log was written using the same nym as your comments? BINGO! SLAM DUNK!

    1. Back for more abuse, asshole? Fine with me!

      I can see from your blithering that NOW you're pretending I'm Susan - yeah, CUNT, I know how you talk to her. Gets that needle dick of yours all twitchy, huh? You pathetic loser! No matter, shitstain - you're screwing up even worse, now! But I admit - it's hard to figure out which lie you're telling. Clear this up:

      Are you seriously trying to pretend that THIS blog is written by Susan because I'm using the same name that I use all the time? Your "proof" that this blog was somehow written by Susan is because when I answer you back, I use the name that I used when I wrote the blog in the first place? Is that what you're saying?

      Or are you trying to pretend that the blog YOU wrote, where you used Gary's name (you know, the one that got taken DOWN because you were USING GARY'S NAME) - was written by Susan, because I use the same name that I always use, but that you didn't use, because you were using Gary's name?

      At this point, I have to know: Just what are you on? & is it covered by National Health, or do you give blow jobs for tuppence to finance it?

      Or are you just FUCKING RETARDED????

    2. Oh, hey - I see that Live Journal is also onto you. That's TWO "froggeries" of Susan's account, now.

      Damn, but she OWNS you! How many YEARS have you been her bitch like this?

  4. You don;t know when to stop, do you, KKKohen, you th*ck Ir*sh cunt?
    Stop pretending you;re someone else. I KNOW it;s you. I can tell by the obnoxiousness. It;s probably a side effect of getting circumcised as an adult . Anyway, fuck you, fuck LiveJournal and fuck all your questions. WE aks the questions here, you retarded jew wannabe cunt! WE own YOU, and we own Gary.
    Now take a couple of Valium and piss off, you braindead Ir*sh cretin.

    1. Did I call it, or what? Yep, totally called it: froggery #3.

      You're Susan's bitch all right - &, since you need to think I'm Susan, that makes you MY bitch.

      Go ahead, prove me wrong.

      PROVE to me that you aren't absolutely OWNED by Susan - or anyone you want to pretend is Susan, same thing! - & stop jumping every time I tell you how high. PROVE me wrong by NOT doing EXACTLY what I know you will: you're going to rush RIGHT OUT & try to get ANOTHER blog, or handle, or anything else to pretend that you're Susan - all the while accusing me, or anyone ELSE who calls you on your shit of being her.

      Are you really THAT stupid that you don't see how fucked up that is? Are you actually retarded? Or is it insane? Really? C'mon - you can tell me - after all, since "I'm Susan" I would already know this, right?

      You're OBSESSED with her - and all because SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT YOU.

      Totally right about you being a total twat who really only hates HIMSELF.

      Go ahead - prove me wrong.

      YOU CAN'T.

      Because it's true.

      You're her bitch, my bitch - anyone's bitch who sees just how totally fucked up you are. & you really are fucked up. Just look at your post!

      Oh, yeah, you can "tell" it's Susan, because "fuck you, that's why!" Now that's some logic, right there, oh, yeah!


      "Fuck you, fuckLiveJournal, fuck all your questions" - LOL! Fabbo comeback, dickwad! State school comprehensive, right? LOL!

      Yeah, fuck ANYONE WHO CALLS YOU ON YOUR SHIT, because that, like, totally proves that you're not a dickless cocksucker who craves abuse the way any junkie lowlife craves drugs.

      Sucks to be you, for sure!!

      Oh, hey, and, asshole, here's another free clue for you: of you REALLY wanted someone to "piss off", the last thing you would be doing is pretending to be someone else, AND deliberately going after them, lying and shit. Proof positive of who really OWNS WHO, you fucking cunt.

      Go ahead - PROVE ME WRONG!

    2. ROTFLMAO!!


      Damn, but that's got to be a first in the history of self-abuse! You actually PUNISHED YOURSELF TO SAVE ME THE TROUBLE OF IT!!

      You really are a sick motherfucker!

    3. Shabbat shalom KKKohen, you th*ck Ir*sh cunt! Looks like you;re a glutton for abuse, just as you always have been. At least you;re not pretending to killfile me any more. Anyways, I see you;re still as deluded as you always were. How's things at home? Do you still have just the two half-jew b'rats, of have you excreted any others? The more the better, I say! And does Gary still pork you up the ass every Friday night after shabbat dinner? You;re lucky that he still can or wants to. And what;s all this shit about proof? Surely you know that WE are the ones who demand proof and get it?

      So, to conclude, WE own YOU, we always have done. We also own Gary and his name. G-d help him if the cunt ever tries to look for a job. All that someone needs to do is look him up on Google and he's fucked! Absolutely hilarious, and his only crime was being married to you!

    4. Just as I predicted - but with an extra-added bonus: a CONFESSION!

      Good job - LOSER!!!


    5. Confession, KKKohen? Aks you mom about know, the Irish ex-nun who got excommunicated for fornicating with a jew! Talk about fucking losers - your whole FAMILY is a bunch of losers! B'WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!



  5. Oh, go play with your clit (if any), KKKohen, you th*ck Ir*sh cunt. We OWN you and you KNOW that we own you, you stupid Ir*sh boghopper.

    1. Oh, yeah, right!

      You can't even figure out WHO I really AM! You know fuck-all about the people you pretend to be! Your entire existence is nothing but fucked-up lies!

      AND YET -

      YOU KEEP COMING BACK, doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I PREDICT - Google Plus, now? Getting desperate! - & I'm not doing anything but LAUGHING AT YOU.

      Oh, yeah -& spanking your delusional ass!

      You are the definition of OWNED, asshole.

      And you're too insanely fucked up to realize it.


      Just keep on proving me correct!

      Go ahead - do it again, moronic ASSHOLE.

  6. Ok, just upped the ante on the imposter: just registered this site at Disqus, where he first STARTED impersonating Gary. They killed his site after a couple of times us (me & Gary's wife, the real target of this coward's abuse) nagging at them - and he whined & bitched about it, plenty (pretty funny how he pretended that it was "without notice and for no reason at all!" - I sure as hell put his sorry ass on notice a LOT before then!).

    The site he NOW has is, & all his stuff is designed to show Gary as a bigot who hates Islam, & is hiding behind "anti-terrorism" to spread his hatred - as he ADMITS, ABOVE:

    "G-d help him if the cunt ever tries to look for a job. All that someone needs to do is look him up on Google and he's fucked!"

    Now, watch him scream & shout about how he's not the imposter but I am. Just watch. After all the crap he's posted above, admitting to everything that he's done - watch him deny it - the shitstain!

    1. Hello KKKohen, you th*ck Ir*sh cunt. Will you stop pretending it;s not you, fer fuck;s sake! Look at what you wrote as Fed_Up18: "I am Jewish. I guarantee you, however, that my NATIONALITY - or, if you will, my ETHNICITY - is different than yours. And my husband's is different from both of ours. Stop perpetuating the racist myth that Judaism is some sort of race." If that doesn;t sound like you, nothing does. Oh, and you used the same handle to kvetch and whine about the comment above. (snigger)

    2. Just keep feeding your delusions, loser. Just keep up the good work!

    3. Ok, thanks; I've been told that I have enough, now. No more delusional lies and brainless insanity needs be collected, or tolerated.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

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  8. I'd say "Suck my dick!" "Eli/Morris/gurry/Miriam/etc." but that's pretty much what you want - besides being reamed by a Jewish man!